Do You Have To Know How To Swim To Snorkel?

For your safety, we require patrons to be decent swimmers at Silent World because of our deep ocean sites. For non-swimmers, we’d suggest snorkeling at shallow locations with the right preparation and flotation devices. With caution and research, you can still enjoy snorkeling without being an expert. So strap in, relax, and enjoy the snorkeling adventure that is right for you!

Snorkeling Non-Swimmer Tips

The best way to prepare for snorkeling is to take beginner swimming lessons. Improving your swimming abilities will let you become a much more confident and capable snorkeler. Learning to float, kick correctly, and control your breathing in the water will help you feel more relaxed in the ocean. With these skills, you can learn and improve your swimming abilities to get ready for snorkeling!

Pick the Right Destination

If you aren’t interested in becoming a capable swimmer, there are still places you can go! Just remember to do your research if you are snorkeling as a non-swimmer. Make sure to find a spot with calm waves, shallow water, and no underwater hazards. Strong currents, waves, or dangerous marine animals could potentially cheapen your underwater experience. Of course, also be on the lookout for places with awesome sites full of colorful fish and coral to get the most out of your experience!

Never Swim Alone

Remember that safety is priority number 1. Even strong swimmers should never swim alone. Bring an experienced friend with you, or go with a group under the supervision of a trained instructor!

Go With a Guide

For your protection, it is important to always snorkel with a guide. Stick to small-group excursions where you will always be in the line of sight of a professional. This will help you stay safe and maximize relaxation and enjoyment!

Bring the Right Gear

Bringing the right equipment is one of the best things you can do to prepare for your snorkeling adventure! Make sure to try out your snorkels, snorkel vests, and fins beforehand so that you are ready to go when vacation day comes. You will feel much more confident if you’ve tested that everything fits well.

Don’t Panic, Just Relax

If it’s been a while since you’ve been snorkeling, don’t worry! It is normal to fear the water at first. As long as you have the capabilities of a decent swimmer, there is nothing to panic about. The best thing to do is relax. Remember to take deep, steady breaths, swim slowly, and remember that your flotation devices are keeping you safe as you lower more into the water. Simply enjoy the experience and stay calm, this will help you have better control over your movement, and it’ll be easier for you to float.

Try Snorkeling In Key Largo!

Key Largo has some of the most incredible deep water sites, so it is important to be a decent swimmer for your safety. This would be defined as someone who can swim without assistance for an extended amount of time. If that fits your abilities then sign up with Silent World today! We are run by 5-star PADI-trained instructors and staff with decades of experience to ensure your safety and enjoyment out in the water. We offer only small-group excursions to provide the best assistance and care to our patrons. Not only that, but Key Largo is the home to the last living coral reef in North America- brimming with color and life not found anywhere else in the country. If you are looking for a snorkeling trip that provides beautiful sites while also ensuring you have the best trip imaginable, snorkeling at Key Largo provides an experience you will never forget.