Advanced Open Water

Exploration. Excitement. Experiences. That’s what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. This advanced course is meant to build confidence and skill and introduce you to 5 different PADI Dive Specialties:


Welcome to our Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving program, where your underwater exploration reaches new depths of excitement. Our certified PADI instructors are dedicated to guiding you through an unparalleled journey to obtain your advanced open water certification. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventure dives that encompass deep diving, night diving, and captivating wreck diving. With a perfect blend of expert guidance and the thrill of discovery, you’ll master essential skills while experiencing the exhilaration of fun scuba diving. Unveil the mysteries of the deep, navigate the enchanting underwater world by night, and uncover the history concealed within sunken wrecks. Join us for an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary, as you redefine your limits and discover the magic that awaits beneath the waves.

3 Required Dives

This is a 2-day course – The PADI advanced open water eLearning code is sent to complete course materials once a student is booked in our PADI eLearning system.

(Reminder: 18 hours are required after scuba diving before flying)

  • Navigation: Learn how to plan a dive and use a compass and natural bagigational markers to get yourself back to the boat.

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy: Play buoyancy games underwater and experience that weightless feeling that comes with perfect buoyancy

  • Deep: Go down to 100 feet! Learn about how increased depth can affect your dive plan and check out the creatures that lurk a little deeper…

Pick 2 more Adventure Dives

Sometimes we are unable to do certain adventure dives due to weather and seasonal availability, please call to ask about which Adventure dives we are currently offering and for additional information on each dive.

Delve into the fascinating world of marine life as you embark on a journey to master fish identification. Learn to distinguish between species, understand their behaviors, and identify unique characteristics that set them apart. Our comprehensive Fish ID course provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently recognize various aquatic creatures. From vibrant reef fish to elusive pelagic species, you’ll discover the secrets of each underwater inhabitant. Enhance your diving experience by understanding the intricate connections that define marine ecosystems, allowing you to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the underwater realm like never before.

Become an active participant in preserving the beauty of our oceans through our Dive Against Debris program. Learn the importance of marine conservation and the detrimental impact of debris on underwater ecosystems. Discover safe and responsible methods for removing debris from the seafloor, helping to restore and protect the delicate balance of marine life. By joining our Dive Against Debris initiative, you’ll not only make a positive contribution to the underwater environment but also gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between our actions and the health of the ocean.

Step aboard our meticulously designed dive boat, where the journey to underwater exploration begins. Delve into the intricacies of boat diving, from proper entry and exit techniques to understanding the equipment layout and safety protocols. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the ins and outs of diving from a boat, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Explore the unique considerations of boat-based diving, such as navigating currents, optimizing buoyancy, and maximizing safety measures. Dive confidently knowing that you possess the skills to embark on underwater adventures from the deck of our purpose-built dive vessel.

Equip yourself with invaluable skills in search and recovery techniques, essential for retrieving lost items from the seafloor. Learn systematic search patterns that enable efficient exploration of underwater areas, enhancing your ability to locate items with precision. Discover safe and effective methods for recovering objects, whether for personal retrieval or in support of environmental conservation efforts. Our Search & Recovery training empowers you to confidently maneuver underwater terrain, navigate challenges, and contribute positively to the marine environment by responsibly managing debris and lost objects.

Embark on an exploration of history and mystery as you venture into the realm of wreck diving. Discover the allure of submerged shipwrecks and learn how to navigate safely through these captivating underwater structures. Gain the skills to identify potential hazards and plan dives around wreck sites, ensuring a secure and enlightening experience. Immerse yourself in the stories that wrecks tell, uncovering a world rich with historical significance and ecological importance. By honing your wreck diving expertise, you’ll unlock a portal to the past while preserving the delicate equilibrium of these submerged time capsules.

4 Prerequisites Before Taking The Advanced Open Water Course:

Open Water Certification

Be at least 10 years of age (certain restrictions apply to divers under 12 years old)

Medically fit to dive

Purchase and complete PADI Advanced Open Water Diver e-Learning

If you’re already an Adventure Diver, you only need to complete two more Adventure Dives to earn the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.


How To Get Started

You can start now by booking your PADI Open Water Diver course online. Please keep in mind this is a 2 DAY course and you will need to schedule a second boat trip with us for the day after you start your PADI course. Please call the dive shop to confirm availability and to schedule the second part of your course.

Rental Equipment (Not included):

  • Full Gear Rental (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Regulator, Tanks, and Weights): $15 per day$30 for both days
  • Wetsuit: $10 per day$20 for both days

Course Duration: 2 Days

To enroll in this PADI course or the Junior Open Water Diver course, you MUST be 10 years or older. You should be in good physical shape and be able to swim. You must complete a medical questionnaire and if necessary, see a physician to confirm you are fit to dive. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

What Will Your Schedule Look Like?

Before Class: PADI E-learning materials completed, Medical questionnaire approved and waivers signed

  • Day 1: 2 Adventure Dives off of our boat in the morning and 1 in the Afternoon
  • Day 2: Last 2 Adventure Dives on either our morning or afternoon boat

What Will Silent World Provide?

  • Professional staff members and instructors to guide you through your course.

  • All the scuba related equipment, IF NEEDED for the duration of the course. To include: mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulator set, scuba tanks, and weights . Additional charge for scuba gear being rented from Silent World.

  • Price includes – ​Everything you need to become AOW certified: academic materials, PADI Professional Instructor, 5 in-water training dives, fees for the training facility and boat trips, and PADI certification card.

PADI AOW Course Rates (ages 12+) – $499.00 + $125.00 (PADI e-Learning Code Fee)