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How Warm Is The Water in Key Largo?

Sometimes called “The Dive Capital of the World,” Key Largo is home to some of the most popular diving sites in the world. This includes the largest artificial reef and the stunning Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. Visitors have plenty of exciting options for activities and events no matter when they choose to come, but a little planning will go a long way toward getting the most out of your Key Largo underwater adventure.

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Key Largo Water Temperature By Month

Key Largo is blessed with a mild tropical climate, which means that temperatures are warm year-round. The months of June through October are the rainiest, with more cloudy days than the slightly cooler and sunnier months from November to May.
Though naturally, it is impossible to accurately predict the water temperature and diving conditions on any given day, the following are average ocean temperature Key Largo statistics.

Key Largo Water Temperature in January

Min: 21℃ / 71.1℉
Max: 24.3℃ / 74.4℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in April

Min: 23.9℃ / 76.5℉
Max: 27.6℃ / 80.2℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in July

Min: 28.5℃ / 84.3℉
Max: 30.9℃ / 86.7℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in October

Min: 26.2℃ / 80.8℉
Max: 30.2℃ / 84.8℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in February

Min: 20.5℃ / 70.5℉
Max: 24.6℃ / 74.6℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in May

Min: 24.9℃ / 78.7℉
Max: 29.5℃ / 83.3℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in August

Min: 29.5℃ / 85.8℉
Max: 31.4℃ / 87.7℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in November

Min: 23.9℃ / 76.6℉
Max: 27.9℃ / 80.6℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in March

Min: 21.2℃ / 72.1℉
Max: 26.1℃ / 77℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in June

Min: 27.3℃ / 82.2℉
Max: 29.9℃ / 84.8℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in September

Min: 28.9℃ / 84.7℉
Max: 30.6℃ / 86.4℉

Key Largo Water Temperature in December

Min: 22.9℃ / 74.2℉
Max: 25.3℃ / 76.6℉

Current Temperature

When it comes to water temperature, Key Largo tends to be warm and inviting all year round. Here’s the current water temperature as of the latest reading.

Factors That Influence Water Temperature

Of course, there are more factors than simply which month it is that determines the temperature of the ocean. Water changes temperature much more slowly than air, meaning the range between high and low temperatures in the ocean is smaller than it is on land. However, the ocean will feel colder on cloudy days when less sunlight penetrates the water. Wind is another factor. Strong winds blowing in from the ocean toward land will make the waters closer to the shore feel warmer, whereas wind blowing from land out to sea will push the warmer shallow water away from land, which is replaced by currents of cold water.

Water Temperature and Diving

During the warmer months from about May to October, the water temperatures are high enough that many Key Largo divers choose to go in ordinary swimming attire. The recommended temperature at which to wear a wetsuit is below about 76℉ or 24℃, so you’ll need to bring or rent one if you visit during the winter months.

How Water Temperature Affects Marine Life

One of the great things about Key Largo’s mild climate is that much of the marine life, such as dolphins and tropical fish, do not need to migrate, so they remain all year round. Two notable exceptions are sea turtles and the majestic Spotted Eagle Ray, which can be found off the Florida Keys between May and September.


Although Key Largo is one of the most visited diving destinations in the world, the wildlife remains largely unspoiled due to successful efforts toward environmental preservation. No matter when you decide to visit, we are confident that you will be delighted with the stunning world beneath the surface of the ocean.
Your trip will be enhanced greatly with a highly experienced dive guide or instructor to help you get the most out of your dives. Contact Silent World Dive Center today to speak with a friendly dive professional who can answer all your questions and help you plan the perfect adventure for you and your family.

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You can reserving your spot on our boat through our Online Booking System or Call Us: (305)-451-3252 to book over the phone.

Our tours provide an unforgettable journey to the underwater world that can’t be found anywhere else. We provide care and attention to each person that visits these amazing coral reefs. Here at Silent World, our center is run by a 5-star PADI- trained instructors and staff that prioritize your enjoyment and safety. Our tours are small-group excursions that give all patrons the time and attention they need to truly capture the full experience of this amazing world below the surface. Our mission is to give you an amazing experience you will never forget!

Key Largo's incredibly clear water and world-famous reefs make for fantastic snorkeling any time of the day. That said, as with most diving, sunlight penetrates the deepest when it is directly overhead, typically at or just after noon.

There are two designated areas for beach-accessible snorkeling in John Pennekamp State Park. However, the most beautiful snorkeling locations are only accessible by dive boat. Let our team take you to life changing locations around the reef, like The Christ of the Abyss Statue, the Benwood wreck, and so much more.

In the Summer and Fall months, water temperatures can climb as high as 86°F (30°C). Winter temperatures typically range between 68°F (20°C) and 76°F (24°C).

With winter temperatures ranging between 68° F and 76° F, this depends on you. If you are accustomed to diving in cool mountain lakes, you probably wouldn't notice it if you were swimming sans wetsuit. If you are used to warmer snorkeling waters, you'll likely want a wetsuit. Silent World has wetsuits available for use.

Swimming in Key Largo is as safe as any other world-class snorkeling location - the safety depends on you! If you are a capable swimmer, and listen to the instructions of the Silent World Staff member, swimming the beautiful water of Key Largo is perfectly safe.

A National Marine Sanctuary is a zone where marine life has special protection. These sanctuaries were made in response to the speedy destruction of many marine ecosystems. Here we proudly protect and promote the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary! Key Largo snorkeling allows you to view how we protect the area so it can grow and flourish.

Other than the Florida Keys, coral reefs are found on the borders of Australia, India, Fiji, the Phillippines, Papua New Guinea, and the Maldives. Reef systems are typically found in tropical and subtropical waters and usually need strong waves to bring nutrients and oxygen to the reef. 

All of our Key Largo snorkeling sites have such a diverse spectacle of marine life. You’ll be able to experience seeing the exotic array of tropical fish, lobsters, nurse sharks, barracudas, sting rays, and even endangered sea turtles! When you snorkel at Key Largo, you’ll be able to see this rare, beautiful creature in its protected and natural habitat. 

An artificial reef is a man-made structure that is built to promote marine life in the area. When snorkeling at Key Largo, one of our largest artificial reefs is the Speigel Grove site, which is a Landing Ship Dock that sunk in 2002, creating its own reef system. The ship is full of hundreds of tropical fish, coral, and sponges, twisting and combining itself with the human-made structure. It is a mysterious and challenging site for those who want to test their skills. This is one artificial reef you won’t want to miss!

Our lives on land are interconnected with the lives of our friends in the ocean. More than 8 million metric tons of plastic waste make their way into the ocean each year, causing marine animals to either swallow large amounts or become entangled in our man-made trash. This leads to the deaths of millions of sea creatures by starvation or severe injury. The rest of the plastic waste then breaks down into even smaller pieces and absorbs toxic chemicals that kill off coral reefs and other ecosystems in the ocean. We each must do our part to protect the ocean and its creatures. Just as their lives are tied to us, our lives are tied to their survival as well.

There are over 800 keys in total! These low-lying coral islands stretch for over 120 miles, varying in size and accessibility. Coral reefs are found at each of these sites. Some of these are very small islands, but the larger ones, like Key Largo and Key West, are quite busy and popular sites.

The Florida Keys are made up of hundreds of keys; sorting through all the names is quite the challenge! However, the largest and most popular isles of the Florida Keys are divided up into five main regions: Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine, and Key West.  

Grecian rocks are a coral reef that is right off the side of the Christ of the Abyss snorkeling site. It’s one of the most popular and studied reefs within the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary and is known for its unique structure and look. It’s a favorite diving site due to the amazing coral diversity, the clear waters, and the calm back-reef area.