Meet Yasmin


Hi guys, my name is Yasmin and I am the manager of Silent World Dive Center.

I’m also a PADI Rescue diver and have been diving since 2019, which is pretty new compared to the oldies but I can say that these past two years of diving have taught me a bunch. I like to say “every new dive is always a new experience”.

I am currently finishing my B.S. in marine biology and hope to share my knowledge with everyone I meet throughout my life. It is essential to raise awareness of our oceans and what is happening to the organisms that inhabit it.

Me and the crew can’t wait to meet you at Silent World Dive Center! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

Favorite Dive Site

Grecian Rocks – Home to the “Christ of the Abyss”

This is an awesome dive site because in 1965 a 9ft bronze statue of Christ was lowered to just 25ft of water and has attracted millions of fish and people. The best time to visit this site is in the morning. Besides the statue there’s lots of beautiful marine creatures and plenty of reefs to explore. It’s a great spot for both snorkelers and scuba divers!

My dive gear

  • Mask – OTS Full face mask & Spearpro deep mask
  • Snorkel – Foldable freediving snorkel
  • Fins – Aqualung Hotshot (sadly, discontinued.)
  • Wetsuit – Henderson 3mm
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) – Aqualung Pearl 

How & why did you start diving?

I wanted to start scuba diving when I began studying marine biology, for obvious reasons. I knew that sooner or later I had to get certified to complete research. I got PADI open water certified in Miami and fell in love with the underwater world. My goal is to show others how amazing the ocean is and how their first breath underwater is a one in a lifetime experience.

What is your dream dive vacation?

My dream dive vacation would be in Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama. Because I will be able to come face to face with my favorite shark species.

Favorite place to visit in the Florida Keys?

My favorite place to visit in the Keys would have to be the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada. Awesome people and you get to learn about when, where and why scuba diving came about.

If you aren’t scuba diving where can we usually find you!

If I’m not in or near the water, you can find me at my university helping out in the Predator Ecology and Conservation Research Lab. My mentor specializes in studying bull sharks and their diet.