Meet Kevin


Hey I am Kevin! I was born and raised in Arizona, and married with three children. I served as a police officer for 24 years as a K9 Officer, Sergeant and Detective retiring August 1, 2021. 

Favorite Dive Site

Wreck diving (Benwood, Speigel, Duane and The Bibb.

My dive gear

Aeris BCD and Regulators with a Mares Smart Air computer.

How & why did you start diving?

I’m a curious person and a prior detective and knowing only 5% of earths oceans have been charted and explored, I was impelled to become a certified diver and start exploring the ocean. 

What is your dream dive vacation?

Bali in South East Asia to dive the USAT Liberty a 412 foot cargo ship from World War II.

Favorite place to visit in the Florida Keys?

Islamorada Brewery & Distillery

If you aren’t scuba diving where can we usually find you!

Exercising (lifting, pickleball, basketball, etc.)