Meet Caesar

Caesar – Captain

I’m Caesar and I became Dive Certified and began Scuba Diving August 1986. I have been Diving ever since for both work and pleasure.

Favorite Dive Site

My favorite type of dives are wreck dives and my favorite dive site is the USS Spiegel Grove.

My dive gear

My Dive Gear is a Scubapro Classic B.C. with a Scubapro S600 Regulator. I use an Oceanic Dive Computer because I love its big numbers.

How & why did you start diving?

My childhood friend and I used to watch Jacques Cousteau’s Under Sea World and as a result became interested in and wanted to experience the undersea world ourselves, so we became Dive Certified. 

What is your dream dive vacation?

I do not have any dream dive vacation destinations. Anywhere with warm, calm, clear water would do.

Favorite place to visit in the Florida Keys?

My favorite place to visit in the Florida Key’s would be Key West. I go to Key West several times a year on fishing trips.

If you aren’t scuba diving where can we usually find you!

If I’m not diving, I can be found fishing.