Open Water Referral

5th Rescue Diver Course

Courses are very flexible, meaning you can start in one dive center and finish in another. Maybe you don’t fancy sitting in a classroom when you’re on vacation and would rather do that part at home, or maybe you started a diving course on a different vacation but had to stop for some reason – if you come to us part way through the Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver course it’s called a ‘referral’.

The usual Open Water Diver referral takes place after completing the theory and pool sessions back home before coming out to complete just the 4 dives in warm Atlantic waters, so the price we have on our list reflects that 2 day section.

Day 1: Morning Skills Orientation in Pool

Day 1: PM checkout dives 1&2

Day 2: Reserved for additional Skill practice if needed ( instructor will inform you if needed)

Day 2: PM checkout dives 3&4

We do ask that you bring along all the materials you were given to prevent being charged for more, and you must have a referral document that has been signed off with all the parts you’ve completed, valid within 1 year. Please email for further details.

Course Prerequisites

  • Minimum age: 10
  • Signed referral document valid within 1 year

After becoming certified, join our Daily Diving Trips.

Course includes BCD and Regulator both days.

$349.00 plus applicable taxes