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Silent World is home to a state of the art service facility that you can rely on to conduct quality work on your prized SCUBA equipment. We offer annual servicing, ad hoc troubleshooting and repair of Aqua Lung, regulators by manufacturer trained technicians. We also offer Visual inspection and hydrostatic testing of SCUBA cylinders by our own qualified PSI inspectors and authorized hydrostatic testing facility.

Brands Serviced

  • AquaLung
  • Apeks
  • Halcyon

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Other Services

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  • Visual Inspections
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Service Training

Regulator Annual Service

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your regulators annual service, we will re-tune / rebuild as necessary free of charge!

• $35 per stage, plus parts, for guaranteed 14-day service turn-around, or…

• $45 per stage, plus parts, for 3-day service turn-around, or…

• $55 per stage, plus parts, for 24-hour service turnaround.

Price Includes: Complete dis-assembly and cleaning all of the regulator parts as prescribed by the manufacturer. Reassembly of the regulator including replacement of the warranty parts (typically this includes but may not be limited to filter, valve seats, and dynamic O-rings), and inspecting all of the components. Once reassembled, the regulator is put on our flow bench and tuned to the manufacturer’s specifications for interstage pressures, flow rates, and cracking pressure (inhalation effort). If any non-warranty parts require replacement, we will contact you with part costs and turnaround times prior to conducting any additional work.

Mail order work accepted. Turn around time starts from the date of receipt. Shipper pays return postage and any additional insurance above normal UPS levels. Warranty: all work is warrantied for the manufacturers stated duration between service intervals for normal use. (Normal use is defined as 100 dives per annum max by most manufacturers). In other words, we stand by our servicing and expect it to last until the next service interval, otherwise we will repair it free of charge, including shipping costs. Silent World will re-inspect the equipment to determine cause of failure/issue

Scuba Cylinder Services

The US Department of Transportation requires that all SCUBA Cylinders are inspected annually and hydro-statically tested every 5 years, as defined in the US Code of Federal Regulations. This is with good reason, as a typical tank filled to 3,000 pounds per square inch, or psi, has about 1.3 million foot-pounds of kinetic energy potential, which is an explosive power equivalent to a hand grenade!

Federal guidelines require persons engaged with high pressure cylinders (hazmat) receive function specific training. Training is also very important in order to perform high quality visual inspections on high pressure cylinders. All our Visual inspections are conducted by our own P.S.I. (Professional Scuba Inspectors) trained staff.

A Visual inspection (A.K.A. “VIP”) consists of removing all furnishings, stickers, valve, etc, from the tank and performing a visual inspection of the complete tank for bulging, bowing, cracks, pitting, corrosion, heat damage, impact damage and other factors that may deem the cylinder unsafe for service. An internal inspection with a light and mirror is also conducted to check for folds, valleys and cracking of the neck area in particular. Finally, a current test is conducted on the threads to check for cracking before the valve is cleaned and replaced with a new neck o-ring. A new inspection sticker is applied and then the tank is charged to its rated pressure.

A Hydrostatic test involves filling a cylinder with water and placing inside a water tank or jacket. The cylinder is over-pressurized via a special valve inserted into the neck (a 3000psi AL80 would be filled to 5000psi) and the amount of expansion of the cylinder walls is measured. When the tank is returned to normal pressure, it is measured again and checked to see that it can regain its original dimensions. Tanks that do not return within a given range are removed from service. This check identifies potentially weak cylinders, but it does not guarantee that a cylinder is ‘safe’ just as a visual inspection does not guarantee that a tank is free of corrosion and cracks for the next 365 days!

Note: Steel tanks are not Eddy current tested and may require cleaning (“tumbling”) to remove rust.

What does all this mean?

Your tank can only be filled by any fill station operator if it has a current Visual Inspection sticker that indicates that the tank was Eddy Current (Aluminum) and visually tested within the last 12 months. In addition, the date of manufacture or the date of the last Hydrostatic test must be within the last 5 years. Silent World can perform these tests for you:

Visual Inspections

Hydrostatic Testing


Valve Cleaning

Service Training

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