Silent World offers daily dive & snorkel trips to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and John Pennekamp State Park. We specialize in personalized service from smaller boats and smaller groups, up to a maximum of 12 or 18 divers. No Cattle Boats here.  Although Key Largo may have more dive shops in a twelve mile stretch then any other spot in the World, we have always found a way to separate ourselves from the crowd and bring divers back to our boats over and over again. We provide a friendly, personal and professional dive charter service that we believe is unequaled in the Florida Keys.  Our dedication to customer service and passion for SCUBA ensures that you will experience the best possible diving during your stay. Our prices are also extremely competitive, giving you the best value for money available for Key Largo Diving and exploring The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Our Dive Charter trips are unique in Key Largo and the Upper Keys. We offer the most flexibility for regular chartered dive trips. We start with our regular schedule of morning and afternoon trips that allows you to pre-book your dive or snorkel trips to your desired sites in advance. In addition, we will run anywhere, anytime, for any reason as long as we have the minimum required number of passengers.

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Reef Reports


Captain Bob’s Reef Report                                                         








Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High 77 78 80 83 86 89 91 90 89 85 82 78
Average Low 64 64 67 69 73 77 79 78 78 74 72 66
Average Water 73 72 73 76 78 79 82 85 85 82 78 75
Average Rainfall inches 3.67 1.45 2.47 1.43 3.36 7.36 3.36 5.66 5.28 5.09 4.05 2.18

Captain Kelan’s Reef Report


Shallow Dive Trips

$85.00 without equipment rental

$115.00 with equipment rental

2 tanks, 2 location: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (Pennekamp Park)

Snorkel Trip

A Snorkel Vest is required to be worn while in the water and we provide that for you.

$40.00 without equipment rental

$45.00 with equipment rental

2 locations, can be combined with dive trips as many sites are suitable for both snorkeling and diving.



Wreck Dive

$85.00 without equipment rental

*dive computer and smb required for deep dives

2 tanks on the Spiegel Grove, Duane or Bibb

Recreational Limits

Adv Tech Dive


See Tech Rentals

1 Decompression Dive on the Northern Light, Queen of Nassau, or Similar Site.

Night Dive


Includes: 1 location shallow night dive

Deep Night Dive


1 location night dive on the Spiegel Grove, Duane, Bibb or Eagle. Recreational Limits

****See requirements Below*****

Tech Night Dive

See Tech Rentals and requirements
1 Night Decompression Dive on the Spiegel, Duane, Bibb or Eagle or double dip.

Private Charter

Please call or email for prices on Private Charters 305-451-3252 or info@silentworld.com

Recreational trips include tanks and weights as well as water. You are welcome to bring your own drinks/food and this can be kept in our onboard cooler. Please remember the following omportant “boat rules”:

  • please no glass containers
  • you are welcome to bring alcohol BUT your first drink represents your last dive

Unless specifically booked, guides are not in the water during your dive. A professional guide can be booked

  • if you want help discovering the ‘hot spots’ on the dive
  • you’re a new diver or inexpereinced in the area
  • you just like  a fun buddy
  • divers without a dive in the last 12 months will be required to take a guide
  • divers without a dive in the last 18 months will be required to take a refresher course

Please remember to bring your certification card with you at check-in.

Multi-Trip Punch Cards

Purchase our legendary 5 trip punch card for a discounted rate of $350. That’s only $70 per trip! These cards do not expire, are non-transferable and are valid for recreational diving only. No refunds, exchanges or rainchecks will be given on trip cards.
3 trip punch cards are available for $240. That’s only $80 per trip! These cards do not expire, are non-transferable and are valid for recreational diving only. No refunds, exchanges or rainchecks will be given on trip cards.


Nitrox: $14.00 per 80 cf tank

Per AL80 tank of house blend EANX30%

Nitrox Big Steel: $18.00 per tank

Per 108cuft or 120 cuft of house blend EANX30%

Premium Reg with Computer: $35.00

Aqua Lung Titan with Suunto Zoop

Light: $8.00

Hand held Xenon light $8.00

Backplate & Wing: $20.00

Halcyon Eclipse single tank system

Rental Suunto Wrist Computer $10.00.

Rental Wrist Compass $8.00

Trip Locations

Standard Two Tank Two Location Shallow Trip

For those looking to visit the wonderful shallow reefs found off the Key Largo coast line, then this is the trip for you. Running twice daily, this trip brings you up close and personal with the reefs of Key Largo, including the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Not only will you visit sites within “S.P.A.’s”: (Sanctuary Preservation Areas where the coral and marine life are superior) but you will also get the chance to visit many of the sites that other charter operations are unable to get to due to the distance from port, such as Carysfort Reef & Lighthouse and Pacific and Watsons reef.
At $85.00 all trips include tanks, weights and complimentary filtered water and juice. Trips are open to all levels of diver, plus snorkelers and riders, with site depths ranging from 5′ to 40′. The average depth of most of the dive sites within the Marine Sanctuary is 25′- perfect for everyone!

Want to make the most of your trip? Have one of our guides join you for the dive. Guides are available for $50.00 for the first person and $25.00 for each additional.

Deep Wreck Double Dip Trip $85.00

The Key Largo coast line is covered in wrecks, both natural disasters and artificial reefs. The shallow Key Largo waters with its hidden patch reefs and fringing barrier reef that sit just below the surface have plagued shipping for centuries. Here you will even find the third largest artificial reef in the world, the amazing LSD-32 Spiegel Grove. Sunk June 10, 2002 amidst a media fanfare the like of which Key Largo may never see again, the 510′ vessel flipped upside down with her stern on the bottom and her bow still afloat. There was just enough time for the workers who were trying to finalize the sinking preparations to get off the ship. The reality was that the vessel would sink upside down if nothing were done, making it a poor dive or even un-diveable for most divers. The Key Largo community came together and funded a marine salvage company to pull the vessel on its side where it remained for two years until miraculously, hurricane Dennis late in 2005 pushed it into an upright position. The wreck is now adorned with coral, sponges, schools of baitfish, barracudas, jacks and huge Goliath Grouper.

In addition to the Spiegel Grove, we also visit the USCG cutters Duane & Bibb . See our Dive Sites page for more info!

For recreational divers, trips include two dives with a total run time of around 40 minutes, separated by a one hour surface interval. For those with relevant training, a single long decompression dive can be conducted with a maximum run time of around 120 minutes. Much like our shallow trips, experienced guides are available for both recreational and technical divers. All technical guides have extensive penetration and decompression experience and will be more then happy to guide you into the depths of these wonderful wrecks.

Recreational guides are available for $50.00 for the first person and $25.00 for each additional. Technical Guides are available for $75.00 for the first person and $50.00 for each additional.

Single Tank Shallow Night Dive $90.00

Looking to experience a whole new world of diving? Enter the underwater world following a wonderful Key Largo sunset. For many scuba divers, night diving quickly becomes their favorite type of diving. Marine life that hides during the day among the coral is out and about for you get a great look at.

Night dive trips leave one hour before dusk, arriving at the dive site just in time for you to relax and enjoy the sunset before you enter the water. Shallow night dives often visit the same location as the last shallow dive of the day allowing you to experience the location both during daylight hours and at night so you can see just how different they really are.

First time diving at night? Why not have one our guides join your dive group. All of our guides have countless dives in the starlight environment and provide you with an added comfort that makes entering into the darkened world of night diving more enjoyable for those who are not yet comfortable doing a night dive on their own.

Shallow night dives are open to all certification levels. For those who have never been diving at night before, a guide is highly recommended. Guides are available for $50.00 for the first person and $25.00 for each additional. Dive lights are available to rent or buy.

Eels, Lobsters, Turtles, Crabs, and much more are all common sights on our wonderful night dives.

Double Dip Deep Wreck Night Dive $120.00

If you are looking for the ultimate in night diving, then this is the trip for you! Exploring the awesome Spiegel Grove during the day is one thing, but at night its a completely different adventure. Just like our day time double dips you can do this trip as a two tank recreational dive or a longer single decompression dive.

Due to the nature of these dives, additional certification requirements are required for recreational divers. Recreational divers wishing to join us on a double dip deep night dive must hold a speciality rating in Night Diving and Deep diving (logged & verified deep diving experience within the last 6 months is an acceptable alternative to Deep Specialty) or a rating of Master Scuba Diver or higher.

Recreational divers with a rescue diver card but not holding the listed specialty certifications may dive as long as they are accompanied by a professional diver or hire a guide to go along with them.

Those doing two dives will enjoy a wonderful Key Largo sunset during the one hour surface interval. Those performing a single decompression dive will experience the wreck transform from a daylight dive to a night dive right before their eyes.

Technical Dive Trips Call

Silent World Dive Center was the first dive center in South Florida to provide full service technical dive trips, including a full range of technical rental gear, technical retail sales and Closed Circuit Re breather sales and training. Technical trips run on a daily basis, with deep technical trips running weekly or upon request. No matter what your skill level or experience, we can put together the perfect trip for you.

In addition to a wide range of site options for technical divers, we offer a full range of training and can even provide guides for any dive site in the Florida Keys and beyond. We are home to the world famous annual Wreck-fest event! Held on the first weekend in August, we are now in our 6th year! Visit our Technical diving training pages for more information.

Private Charters Call

If you know exactly what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to go with, Silent World provides private charters that allow you to plan every detail of your experience. These trips are custom made to meet your exact needs, no matter what they may be. Trips can include any combination of the above listed experiences, and can include private guides, mangrove tours or spear fishing trips to name but a few.

If you can imagine your perfect charter, we can make it happen. Let us help you make the dream a reality!

What Makes Our Dive Charters Special?

  • No Crowds! Maximum 12 or 18 divers at a time!
  • No Rush! You will get at least an hour at each site.
  • We provide complimentary drinks, filtered water and coolers to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
  • The only shop providing weekly night dives to the deep wrecks of the Florida Keys.
  • Custom private charters available daily.
  • We cater to everyone from snorkelers to Technical and Re-breather divers.
  • Wreck, Tec & CCR Specialists
  • US Coast Guard inspected & certified dive boat for your comfort & safety

In order to accommodate all customers we enforce a strict 48 hour cancellation policy.

There is no charge to your card unless you cancel within 48 hours of the departure time. Failure to cancel 48 hours before scheduled trip may result in full charge of your credit card up to the full amount of booking.  This is fully to our discretion. The provided prices are used as an estimate of your dive trip and subject to change. No Shows will be charged full amount of booking.

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