Ecotourism At Its Best!

Coral reefs are under increased pressures globally. Through practicing responsible diving and snorkeling, you can help to lessen local stress on the reef while still partaking of its beauty. Please only book your recreational activities with a Blue Star recognized operator to ensure that you are enjoying our ecosystem with minimal environmental impact.

At Silent World we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are very active in our local community in terms of promoting environmental issues, protecting our resources and ensuring that we are doing all we can to ensure our operation is as eco-friendly as possible.

NOAA Blue Star Operator

Silent World is one of only a few operators in the Florida Keys that has been issued recognition as a Blue Star Operator. Blue Star is a program established by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to reduce the impact of divers and snorkelers on the coral reef ecosystem of the Florida Keys.

It is a voluntary recognition program saluting charter boat operators who promote responsible and sustainable diving and snorkeling practices, helping keep the reef healthy for generations to come. Blue Star operators are committed to responsible tourism and go the extra step to educate their customers about the coral reef ecosystem, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and diving and snorkeling etiquette.

For additional information on the Blue Star program ask a member of our staff or visit the NOAA Blue Star website

REEF Field Station

Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) Field Stations serve as active centers of outreach and education for REEF. Offering Fish Identification Courses, organize survey dives, and act as representatives for the REEF to not only the dive community but the community as a whole. Silent World has been a REEF Field Station since shortly after the program was introduced, all members of the Silent World Instruction team hold at least a level three rating with REEF. Each year Silent World and its staff coordinate multiple Fish Surveys and are an active part of the Lionfish Eradication effort going on in the Florida Keys. For additional information on REEF and what you can do to help stop in our shop any day of the week and speak to a member of our instructional team.

Project AWARE Eco-Operator

Silent World has is honored to hold the title of a Project AWARE Eco-Operator. Project AWARE Eco Operators are partners in Project AWARE’s efforts and are committed to sustainable business practices year-round. As an Eco-Operator we have made a commitment for change and are actively making an effort to help ensure the environment and our reefs are here for not only the next generation but the generations to follow.

As an Eco-Operator we have made the following commitments to our community and our guest:

• Provide experiences that enhance visitor awareness, appreciation and understanding of the local aquatic environment. • Use recycled products whenever possible. • Participate in local conservation efforts and support established parks and reserves. • Not sell items made from endangered species, threatened species, corals or tropical hardwoods. • Respect local people, culture and traditions while abiding by local laws and regulations. • Provide pre-dive briefings on responsible dive practices including but not limites to Proper buoyancy control, securing equipment and streamlining body positions, maintaining distance from sensitive environments, not touching or chasing animals, and abiding by all fish & game regulations. • Using mooring buoys or drift diving techniques whenever possible to avoid damaging the underwater habitat. • Offer Project AWARE and environmental specialty courses that teach customers about ecology and conservation. • Display environmental public awareness materials and provide community involvement opportunities. • Use environmentally sound methods of rubbish disposal.

For additional information on Project AWARE and how you can be a eco friendly diver visit the Project AWARE website

Coral Watch Data Center

Silent World dive center is actively involved in the monitoring of coral bleaching in the Florida Keys. Through our relationship with CoralWatch silent world staff and guests provide valuable scientific data to researchers that are actively making inroads in the protection of our coral reef. CoralWatch have developed an inexpensive, simple, non-invasive method for the monitoring of coral bleaching, and assessment of coral health. The Coral Health Chart is basically a series of sample colors, with variation in brightness representing different stages of bleaching/recovery, based on controlled experiments. It is our aim to both provide a scientific tool and increase awareness about global climate change by demonstrating one of its devastating effects. We ask you to please help by using this kit to monitor your local reefs, or any that you visit.

In an effort to educate divers on CoralWatch and the proper use of the collection tools Silent World in conjunction with PADI and CoralWatch offer the CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty Course. This course can be taken as a stand alone course at any time for a small additional charge as part of your guided dive experience. For those local to Key Largo it is offered free of charge on a regular basis. For additional information on what is involved in the course please visit the course webpage

Sunset Cruise

Why not enjoy one of our sunset cruises through the Mangroves and sleepy creeks of Key Largo. See wild birds, fish, lizards and maybe even a manatee as we meander around the islands and into Florida Bay, where you will catch the sunset with a tipple of your choosing. Popular with photographers, nature lovers and divers looking to relax or enjoy the water with their families.

Shark Safe Location

Silent World Dive Center is nuts about sharks and a vocal supporter of their plight globally. Silent World staff are members of and / or contributor to: The Shark Trust, Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace, Bite Back, Shark Alliance and others.

Lion Fish Response Team

Silent World has been active since the beginning in an effort to stem the threat from this invasive species, via the REEF sightings hotline and active removal. Originally, permits were required in order to take Lion Fish from the sanctuary and the Silent World crew was trained, armed and ready to respond! Many of our instructors carry small specialized spears on their dives to help in the fight against the invasion. Customers are encouraged to do the same if they have relevant training and experience to do so safely.

What Are We Doing To Make A Difference?

Reef Clean Up Days, conservation training and activities and Eco friendly operations are just a few ways in which Silent World is contributing to conserving the Florida Keys. Come and see for yourself how we are doing and join in on the action!

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